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Beechcraft A36 Interior
Custom Aircraft Interiors
Custom Leather Aircraft Interiors
SmartSpace Baggage Conversion
SmartSpace Baggage Conversion
SmartSpace Baggage Conversion

Aircraft Interiors

We are very pleased to expand our leather interior re-upholstery program to include Beechcraft, Grumman, Piper, Mooney and Cessna aircraft!

For years, we have been producing some of the finest leather aircraft interiors for 4-seat Grumman aircraft for the low price of only $5,999 + shipping*. We are now happy to extend this program to a variety of other General Aviation aircraft.

As reviewed in our videos, interior refurbishment is a legal owner maintenance task, per the FAR's. Our program helps you revitalize your aircraft interiors. We do the hard work, so you don't have to.

The program is simple: You remove your seats and sidepanels and ship them to us.

We refinish everything in top-grade leather! Then, we ship you back a dramatically improved and refurbished interior, including improvements to the foam, side panel supports, Aluminum armrest supports and much more. The work is done by a professional upholstery shop with double stitching, custom pockets, lumbar supports, etc. The leather is top grade, full hide leather with FAA burn certificates. Every part is complete leather with no other exterior materials used!

Call for details: 978 314-4626

* Prices may vary depending on aircraft and materials chosen. This item cannot be ordered via the web site. Call for details and order placement. All interior product sales are final.

Typical 4-Seat Aircraft Interiors Start at Only $5,999!


STC's and Modifications

for Beechcraft and Grumman Aircraft

SmartSpace Baggage Conversion for Beechcraft A36

Approach Aviation is pleased to announce that we have just received STC/PMA for our new SmartSpace baggage conversion for pre-1979 Beechcraft 36/A36 aircraft, providing owners of these aircraft with the increased utility of the latest Beechcraft Bonanzas.
The SmartSpace baggage conversion installs behind the rearmost passenger seats in the Beech A36, adding approximately 8 cubic feet of storage area, while retaining the existing hat shelf area for easy in-flight access to smaller objects.  The SmartSpace baggage conversion has a footprint similar to post-1979 A36 aircraft and is certified for the same 70lb maximum loading capacity (C.G. Envelope limits must be observed).
The SmartSpace conversion's patent-pending design makes installation simple, typically requiring one day to complete.  No rivets or other modifications are made to the skin of most aircraft, so the aircraft's exterior finish is unaffected by the installation.  The modular design of the SmartSpace conversion makes future compartment removal/installation possible in a matter of minutes, simplifying inspection and maintenance operations.
The SmartSpace baggage conversion kit includes the support components, single-piece compartment, cargo net and all hardware necessary for typical installations.  In addition, the innovative cargo net design combines the baggage restraint with new seat straps for securing the rear seats in the folded position.
Introductory pricing for the SmartSpace baggage conversion is $5,999.  Kits are in-stock and ready to ship!
SmartSpace baggage conversion features:
- Adds approx. 8 cubic feet of storage space
- Same 70 lb structural capacity as post-1979 aircraft
- Typical installations can be completed in one day
- No changes to aircraft exterior
- Can be removed for maintenance access in minutes
- Includes innovative cargo net with integrated seat straps
- Installed weight approx. 10 lbs. (includes removal of rear bulkhead cover)
SmartSpace Baggage Conversion
SmartSpace Baggage Conversion
SmartSpace Baggage Conversion
For more information or to purchase, contact Approach Aviation at 877-564-4457.

* All STC Kit sales are final and non-refundable. Components are warranted for manufacturing defects for 60 days from the time of purchase.



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